A Little Slice of Lagos: Caleb Pizza & Cafe

After numerous complaints from its residents following a pronunciation mix up of the written characters, the neighborhood formally known as “Hadi” is now officially called “Gedi,” with all metro signs being altered accordingly. Apart from being the Guangzhou Airport and Humen Ferry transport hub, Gedi possesses a lesser known draw. Take a short walk a few blocks around the corner from the metro station and you will see “Caleb Pizza & Cafe” situated in one of the side streets.

At first glance, the place comes across as your run-of-the-mill restaurant, with familiar décor and various books adorning the shelves. Yet delve deeper and a genuine African gem is revealed. Owner Ben from Nigeria, told HERE! that he named the restaurant after his son. He commented, “I have lived here for some time and always had the plan to open a restaurant, what better namesake than the most special guy in my life?”

With the restaurant still in its infancy, Ben is ironing out the creases, admitting that operating in the food and beverage industry is more challenging than he imagined. “We are not rushing things just for the sake of it, I have a long-term business plan and I’m sticking to it.” Good things seem on the horizon as the nearby area is in the process of being converted to Gedi’s CBD, which coupled with the transport hub, promises plenty of foot traffic.

The menu offers the main staples one would expect from any Western style restaurant. Choose from their exotic four-in-one pizza selection or customize your own. I can personally vouch for their chicken parmigiana and their enticing cranberry walnut omelet is worth a try. Besides the reasonably priced steaks, what really intrigued me was Caleb’s African selection.

My colleague and I ordered the dry Suya beef with traditional African rice, along with arguably Caleb’s most special selection—“Mama’s Dish.” The rice was reminiscent of biryani and the Suya beef had the most interesting flavor I had never really tasted before. A spicy, bitter almost breadcrumb-like coating, which according to Ben should be eaten with raw onions to experience the full effect. “Mama’s Dish” possessed the bizarre combination of chicken curry with a shrimp aftertaste, served with—wait for it… sliced bananas! It’s one of those things that absolutely shouldn’t work, yet for some reason just does. Washed down with a cold beer, it was perfect. I endeavored to try a cocktail from their selection, which to be honest, needed a bit of fine-tuning. Given they have only been open for six months, I believe the restaurant will continue to go from strength to strength.

Address: B-07, Hongcheng Guoji, Hong Er Road, Nancheng