New Hangout Spot for Writers

Dongguan’s first Chinese and Foreign Writers’ Creation Base is expected to be built in Guanyin Mountain Forest Park next year.

Previously, about 20 Chinese and foreign writers gathered in Guanyin Mountain Forest Park for a cultural-exchange event, which was hosted by Guanyin Mountain Forest Park for the second time. With a forest coverage rate of more than 99 percent, Dongguan Guanyin Mountain Forest Park is located in Zhangmutou Town. It’s a national 4A scenic spot which integrates ecological sightseeing, entertainment, fitness and religious culture.

During the event, attendees were able to experience Chinese traditional calligraphy, watch a lion dance performance, taste Zhai Cai (a kind of Buddhist vegetarian food) and visit the biggest granite Guanyin in the world. Writers from different countries talked about forest culture, the future development of Guanyin Mountain, sources of inspiration and more, as well as having created some pieces on site. The Chairman of Guanyin Mountain Forest Park, Huang Ganbo commented, “Cultural-exchange events in the creation base provide more convenience for foreign writers to visit Dongguan for gathering ideas and create more marvelous stories.”

According to a staff member in Guanyin Mountain Forest Park, the opening day hasn’t been decided yet, but more similar events are expected to follow, so watch this space and get ready to be inspired!