The Largest Self-Service Store

At the beginning of April, the famous Chinese e-commerce company JD opened its first self-service supermarket in Nancheng, Dongguan, as well as in Guangdong province.

Situated in Sheng He Square, the shop is spacious and offers some surprising and interesting items. With an area of around 300 square meters, there are three food counters and a shop to purchase simple meals from at the front area, adjacent to the main supermarket area. Individuals enter the shop by presenting their phone for QR code scanning, or via facial recognition. However, it’s interesting that three staff members are currently on-site, guiding newcomers into the entering process, despite the fact it’s a so-called “help-yourself” supermarket. The manager Chen Zhibin explained, “To achieve the status of total ‘self-service’ without any staff, the whole society’s acceptance and understanding needs to upraise to a certain level.”

Product options vary, including food, drinks, toiletries, electronic products, etc., of which a massive 50 percent are imported products. To pay for products purchased, shoppers need to enter the sensor area. Without having to touch any item from the shopping basket, all products will be detected automatically. After that, the bill will appear on the screen in front of you. Facial-payment, WeChat and Alipay are available. To be noted, cash is not accepted.

In the future, JD plans to open 50 more self-service stores in Dongguan.