Connecting DG to SZ

According to an announcement from Dongguan Development and Reform Bureau, stage three of Dongguan Metro Line 2 has been in the environmental impact assessment period and the actual construction is expected to start after this period is over.

The eight additional stations include Humen Bei Station, Humen Da Dao Station, Lu Dong She Qu Station, Jiao Yi Wan Station, etc. and its south extension line will connect to Shenzhen Metro Line 20.

The first additional station of the line extension is Humen Bei Station, ending with Jiao Yi Wan Station of the Greater Bay Area.

With eight stations covering 17.5 km in length, Humen Bei Station will be the only overhead station and the rest underground. Among which, Bin Hai Wan Station will be a big transfer station for the high-speed train, intercity railway and metro, offering similar services to the current Humen Station.