Craft Beer Pairing For Dummies

Expertly hand-brewed craft beer always has its own character, exhibiting layers of creativity and passion from its maker. Craft beer is treasured by millions for being not only just a versatile beverage, but something to be shared, revered and enjoyed, especially when pairing it with the right kind of cuisine.

There are tons of articles or even books on craft beer and food pairing, mostly Western food. “In fact, we have our own philosophy about food pairing in the East.” Leo, brew master and owner of Cheer Bar, commented, “We prefer salty, spicy and deep-fried food with craft beer, while sausages, bread or barbecued items are common in the West.” He also revealed an interesting fact that yang rou chuan (mutton kebabs) always sell very well at craft beer festivals. If you are looking for something as a bit of a novelty, try fried peanuts and chicken feet with pickled peppers.

Don’t forget about Dongguan’s Fourth Craft Beer Festival, which will offer you the perfect chance to try out varieties of craft beer and diverse tasty treats. HERE! has called in breweries and food vendors from across China, to bring two days’ worth of fun at 33 Town on June 29 and 30! What a great summer gathering that will be. And for those who are wondering if they even like craft beer or are interested to know more, there is lots to be said about that. You will never know without trying, eh?

Fruity Craft Beer and Chocolate
If you have a sweet tooth, pairing a fruity craft beer with chocolate can be a double kill. They just complement each other brilliantly, with the acidity of, say New England IPA, which was quite a fad years ago. New England IPA, hazy or cloudy, has little to no hop bitterness but a tropical, juicy sweetness. Or try a newer variant, Milkshake IPA, which is brewed with lactose or other non-fermentable sugars, fruit, vanilla, pectin, or oats for a full, chewy body. A pleasant option for the ladies, right?

Strong Craft Beer and Curry
Whether you drink craft beer or not, IPA is not an unusual or unheard-of drink. Red IPA claims a smooth texture, with medium to strong hop aromas to effectively bring out the subtler notes in a curry dish. This only works up to a certain strength in food flavors, after which you’re on your own. Other alternatives are spicy Buffalo chicken wings, pizza, burgers or even the trendy summer dish, hot crawfish.

Light Craft Beer and Sushi
Most beers would overwhelm Japanese cuisine completely, but a crisp, clean glass of Pilsner will work beautifully with a plate of delicately prepared sushi or sashimi. Pilsner is a type of pale lager, in which toasted, biscuit-like and bread flavors may be evident. White beer aka Weiss, with a tart taste, is another perfect match for light foods, including sushi and salad.