DGOSA Turns 7

DGOSA, aka Dongguan Overseas Scholars Association, is going to celebrate its 7-year anniversary on June 22 at the new Dongcheng International Hotel.

As a non-profit association voluntarily composed of returned overseas students who are working or living in Dongguan, DGOSA so far has eight branch associations in Humen, Shilong, Liaobu, Qishi, Chang’an, Houjie, Dongcheng and Songshan Lake. Among 2,000 members, 70 percent of them have a master’s degree. With its purpose of “To join to serve,” about 200 events are held each year, including different kinds such as enterprise tours, networking parties, charity events and entrepreneurial events, etc.

Around 520 people showed up at last year’s anniversary—in correlation with its healthy expansion in Dongguan—it’s expected that there will be more participants this year. Anybody who would like to join needs to be a member or attend with a member.