French Artist’s DG Exhibition

Culture and art enthusiasts rejoice! The eminent porcelain illustration artist Lydie Ginestet from France chose Dongguan as the venue for her first ever exhibition in China! During the month of June, Dongguaners can feast their eyes on her ingenious art pieces at the convenience of their doorstep.

“I find that it’s pretty open to art from all over the world,” Lydie commented about the Dongguan art scene, and she continued, “Dongguan loves to take on challenges and I certainly recognize its determination to rise like I did through my works.”

Before turning to the porcelain industry, Lydie was a director of the Paris Fashion Week Organizing Committee. She has been employed by many high fashion custom-made institutions in Paris, such as Courrèges, Balmain and Torrente.

Lydie humbly shared the reason why she jumped into the porcelain industry despite her great reputation in the enviable Haute Couture industry, “Working in the world of Haute Couture, and fashion, I wanted to escape into a different world in which I could learn and develop new techniques and know-how by combining my experiences.”

Since 2014, she has participated in copious kinds of exhibitions and competitions, such as ADG Gallery Exhibition, Miami Art Exhibition, etc. Furthermore, she astoundingly gained the La Gorgone Original Art Award.

For her first exhibition in Dongguan, she brings admirers and enthusiasts 41 art pieces with the theme of nature and women, which are “both maternal and nourishing” in her opinion. Generally, Lydie’s inspiration is sourced from different media, typically oriented to photos, ancient art, exhibitions, travel, design, or just a simple desire. “I like to see the emotion that I can provoke in the visitor, then enrich myself with new visions,” she described energetically.

Lydie’s exhibition has been on display in the exhibition hall on the first floor of Dongguan Cultural Center since June 1, the same day as the opening ceremony of Dongguan International Kids’ Fashion Week. Be sure to explore the creative pieces and see what you think of Lydie’s unique artistic style.