Japanese PKN Is Here

PKN, knownas Pecha Kucha Night, is a global non-profit organization, born in Japan.

With its incomparable speech format “20 x 20”— 20 auto-run PPT (Microsoft PowerPoint) pages each remain visible on a screen for speakers, for just 20 seconds—the speaker needs to finish the entire presentation during 400 seconds.

In addition to following the speed of such PPTs, it is also a requirement to deliver cohesive and precise speech, in a highly-efficient manner. What a challenging task! But also an impressive feat upon completion.

Excitingly, PKN is authorized to host events in Dongguan and two proceedings were accomplished successfully in 33 Town, in both January and May. The first event featured the theme of “Dongguan, This City” consisting of 14 fascinating speakers and the second, “Women’s New Era,” including several inspirational women.