Life’s A Beach!

Summer is here and that means three things: sun tanning, sea waves, and sandcastles! Whether you like soft sandy beaches, adrenaline-inducing watersports, or beach hiking trails, there is a piece of paradise for everyone.

Finally, it’s that time when summer days are back in full swing. Dongguan is renowned for many good things but sadly, decent beaches are nowhere to be found. Don’t fret however, there are plenty of options for that grand day out by the seaside, but given that it’s necessary for Dongguan residents to venture further afield, HERE! decided to give its readers the scoop on what’s hot and what’s not regarding sand and sea in the Pearl River Delta and beyond.

Before we dive in headfirst, it’s worth contemplating why we are drawn to the beach at all. Is there some deeper embedded meaning in our subconscious that associates the experience with long forgotten memories of happiness in our childhood? Or is it merely an excuse to forget about the rat race while sipping on an ice-cold beer? What is it about those sandy shores or clear waters that does it for you? Whether simply oiling up for a relaxing tanning session or playing bat and ball while paddling in the waves, we all have our own reasons. For me, it’s a bit of both.

I can still vividly recall going on family trips to places such as “Trecco Bay” and “Barry Island” situated near the Cardiff shoreline as a child. Other escapades involved going further up the Welsh coast to spots like “Tenby” and “St. Davids” where the beaches were nicer and my best friend’s family would take us out on their speedboat. Many Brits will recall the family resorts of “Haven” and “Butlin’s,” with their cliché “Redcoat Workers” on hand to assist with your every whim by means of entertainment or merely guiding you back to your chalet. Memories of deckchairs, pink shoulders and hankies on heads with the aroma of fish and chips seemingly omnipresent.

Is there some deeper embedded meaning in our subconscious that associates the experience with long forgotten memories of happiness in our childhood?

As I got older, I was fortunate enough to go with my family on European holidays. A real luxury in those days before low-budget air travel. I have fond memories such as catching an octopus with a harpoon in Mallorca and selling it to a local restaurant for 50 pesetas. Surely everyone has that one special memory of a holiday romance? Through young adulthood my love for beach holidays continued with numerous trips to the continent with friends. Ayia Napa in Cyprus will always be up there as one of my best holidays ever.

While experiencing such trips—like many people I’m sure—there was a great part of me that wished those holidays would never end. I often tell people the main reason I came to live in this subtropical part of the world was the weather. The climate, the close proximity to countless beaches and an eclectic mix of people from all over the globe. Every day I am here, I count myself lucky to reside in this little slice of paradise known as the Pearl River Delta. Time to get the suntan lotion ready!