Necessary accessories This Season

Get trendy from head to toe this season with our latest summer accessories, expert fashion advice and where to go for the best items, depending on your budget and preference.

When the sweltering summer arrives, people are liberated from thick winter jackets, sweaters, even qiu ku (Chinese long johns). With summer wear meaning more skin on show and less “fashion combo,” what can we do to create a wow factor?

Adriana Dvorá

Accessorize of course! Accessories greatly differentiate you from the common herd when using them properly. I personally like earrings most because they are tiny but easily noticeable. My favorite set is the orange Lego earrings I wear—guess what, I have been asked more than once if they could be pieced together. I never really thought about accessories being a conversation opener, but isn’t it great?

For our readers, HERE! asked fashion designer Adriana Dvora how to rock this summer in style with accessories. Her top three recommendations are tassel earrings and necklaces, round cross-body bags and purple footwear. Besides, to play with color is the fastest, easiest and fun way to look trendy without expending in new pieces of clothing.

Budget Buys
Treasures of Hope, known as TOH in the Dongguan community, might be the best option on a budget, not to mention its charity involvement. Buying from TOH is not only shopping but also supporting a good cause. Accessory items include sunglasses in different sizes and styles, priced between 25 and 35 RMB; earrings, necklaces, scarves, rings and bracelets are priced from 5 to 35 RMB, etc. Items in stock are donated samples from factories, which normally come in twice a month. New arrivals are informed via three WeChat shopping groups and the official WeChat account.


Vintage Valuables
Besides the current contemporary shopping style for most people, there is a small crowd who prefers items which have passed the test of time—clean and original second-hand vintage items. Nelly is one of the founders of the Treehouse Market with a passion for vintage style, now selling a few vintage accessories via WeChat. Most of her accessories are acquired during her trips to various places or as gifts which have been given from friends who know her interest. She has her own standard on vintage accessories: they need to be sanitized and not piratical copies. Luxury brands like Dior, Chanel, or handmade accessories with real gemstones are her preference.


Exclusive Extras
For those with a higher budget and aiming for something unique, Venvow Jewelry in 33 Town is ideal. Within its summery “Ocean” theme, three sets of accessories designed with elements (sailing ship, ocean wave, etc.) can keep you stylish during the hot season. An exclusive option is the jewelry customization service. So far, 18K gold is the only main material for customized accessories. Customers can add malachite, ruby, sapphire or anything, really. Surprisingly, you can even leave a copy of your fingerprint and have it embedded into a ring! Within just 35-40 days, an unmatched accessory will be presented in front of you. Conveniently, English-speaking staff will be ready for foreign customers with an appointment.