5G Experience Center Opens in Dongguan

According to the data from the Dongguan Industry and Information Technology Bureau, 63 of the top 100 enterprises in Dongguan have launched or are executing 5G service. However, “5G” is a concept not yet tangible for most common folk—luckily, a “5G experience spot” was launched in Songshan Lake to understand how 5G will greatly change our lives. In the spot, whoever wears “AR+5G glasses” for facial recognition could acquire basic information of the person who’s being scanned, which will play a huge role in the security industry. Users will also have the ability to enjoy an event without being there. For example, basketball games, “AR+5G” equipment will allow viewers to enjoy the game like they are on site, with high speeds.

This experience spot is now open, those interested in it can visit the China Mobile Dongguan headquarters building at No. 9 Technology Road, Songshan Lake.