A Brief History of a Dongguan Summer

Summer in Dongguan doesn’t only mean higher temperatures. It also tests your endurance through intense typhoons that can create sudden pools for boating or swimming, with heavy flooding. The humid climate also makes your skin a combination of dry and oily—it’s no doubt the city helps you to figure out “summer” from multiple senses.

According to weatherspark.com, normally the hot season lasts 4.9 months from May 16 to October 12 with an average daily temperature that exceeds 30°C. Last year in May, Dongguan broke the hottest record and one lady died from heat stroke. Inversely, data from Dongguan Meteorological Bureau shows the average daily temperature between May 1 to 7, 2019 was 20.9 °C, which is 3.9 °C lower than average and marked the lowest in history for the same period of the year.

How unpredictable is Dongguan? The other erratic weather factors in Dongguan are the typhoons/tornados. The strongest one in Dongguan was recorded on March 20, 2013, nine lives were taken, and 272 people were hurt. On the other hand, Dongguan is called “The Blessed Land” by some people, because many typhoons turn around just before arriving, such as typhoon Molave in 2009, typhoon Usagi in 2013, severe tropical storm Linfa in 2015, tropical storm Nida and typhoon Haima in 2016, and severe tropical storm Merbok in 2017.