Exposing DiDi EN’s Hidden Gems

DiDi has made navigating Dongguan much easier since launching DiDi EN. However, nothing is perfect and sometimes you may encounter a bump in the road. Check out these hidden gems for DiDi EN.

How come my DiDi driver started his drive without picking me up?!” My foreign friend Theresa writes me this WeChat message while I am already waiting for her in the place where we are supposed to meet for dinner. Another message arrives after with her apology about being late. I could feel her anxiety through the screen, notably when the downpour prolonged the order queuing time. What’s worse, she must pay for the ride which she didn’t take, otherwise, she’s not allowed to reorder. No taxis were available as a second option. In the end, this little episode didn’t influence our fantastic dinner, but does it mean this kind of issue will influence her, or other foreigners’ ride in the future?

As a Chinese using the Chinese version of DiDi, I know that I could block this driver if I was in the same situation. The question is, could Theresa do the same via DiDi’s English version? One step ahead, would the disagreement have happened if she could communicate with the driver and cross the language barrier? Coincidentally, due to HERE!’s recent cooperation with DiDi in The DG Fourth Craft Beer Festival, I had the chance to discuss with DiDi and discover more about DiDi EN for our beloved English-speaking readers.

“Block” might sound a bit extreme but sometimes it may be necessary, especially when it saves you from hassle. If you ever meet a driver who smokes in the car with all the window closed, plays music so loud that the car turns into a private KTV room and forces you to be the only guest, or figures himself an F1 racer and ignores traffic rules—click the “block the driver” button at the bottom of the ratings page (without the driver knowing). The system will not match you to them for 12 months.

In Theresa’s case, she didn’t even try to communicate with the driver because she doesn’t speak Mandarin. However, for her, and other English speakers, DiDi EN’s instant messenger has a translation function. Each message from the driver to the passenger is automatically translated to English. All the information from your side will be instantly translated to Chinese for the driver. Also, the driver is notified you are an English-speaking passenger if you use DiDi EN.

DiDi EN’s English customer service replies to you right away, even at 3 am. I know because I tested it at that time and a helpful staff member solved my doubts immediately. According to the staff from DiDi EN, there’s an individual customer service team for DiDi EN and they are on call 24/7, so feel free to ask for help in your familiar language.

In addition, DiDi EN accepts international credit cards, supports type or paste the address in both languages, offers fapiao (invoice), schedule a ride for later and more. For extra security, passengers can also share their live location and information to a friend during their ride and add emergency contacts. Last but not least, you can follow DiDi EN WeChat subscription for more tips, coupons and interesting contents.