Frozen Favorites for summertime

Summertime is in full swing in Dongguan and people are looking for ways to keep cool. Ice cream and frozen treats walk hand-in-hand with summer. Most share in the memory of enjoying an ice cream on a hot day, trying to eat it as quickly as possible so it does not melt, only to experience “brain freeze.”

There is a sense of nostalgia when eating soft serve or drinking a milkshake, but what about the other forms of frozen dairy treats? HERE! is taking a step back from traditional ice cream and introducing you to some lesser known and semi-underrated favorites, along with places to take the family if you just want a cold treat.


Gelato Di Natura holds a relaxed café atmosphere on the second-floor corner of Vanke Mall, Guancheng. It is a quiet place to enjoy a cup of coffee and gelato while reading a book. The signature Italian gelato serves an estimated 17 flavors from vanilla to the more adventurous durian.

Customers can sample the flavors before making the final decision, however, Quore de Cacao (chocolate) and Vaniglia (vanilla) are delicious choices.

“I recommend fragola (strawberry), Stracciatella and cookie flavors for kids,” Ellia, the shop attendant, said.

She mentioned that durian and matcha are the most popular among the local customers. Gelato Di Natura also has a variety of chocolates on display to choose from.

The company originated in Venice, Italy before broadening its business platform in China. They have two additional locations in Houjie and Humen.

Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream

Hidden in four locations around the open mall section of Wanda Plaza Dongcheng, is a treat so cold it needs liquid nitrogen to reach the correct temperature. Fumy Ice Cream shows an innovative way of making ice cream. You can watch the quick but careful process of pouring liquid nitrogen into a vat, as colorful ice cream cone balls made of rice are added. Strawberry or mango flavored whipped cream is added shortly after to the dangerously cold concoction, freezing instantly, to keep its swirl.

Biting down, cold steam escapes your mouth. It is all you can do to resist blowing frozen vapor rings or impersonating a dragon.

“It’s mostly about the presentation and experience of having the ice cream,” Mr. Jiang, the owner, said.

He said the treat needs to be eaten in under a minute to enjoy the full experience.

Frozen Yogurt

Frozen yogurt steps up as a slightly healthier option. A-ONE Sports Restaurant and Bar’s froyo is quickly gaining popularity. They offer a variety of toppings and combinations for their bitter-sweet vanilla base.

“We started selling frozen yogurt because we noticed no one else around sold desserts,” Tony the owner said.

The yogurt is made inhouse with the freshest ingredients from Hong Kong. The menu offers a set of predetermined choices ranging from coffee to tropical flavors, or customers can build their own by choosing their toppings. The coffee or chocolate options are highly recommended and mix in just the right amount of sweetness with a chocolate-mint cookie.