Buying Second Hand: A Used Furniture Directory

0414_section_second hand furnitureSpring cleaning; the end of the school year; a deceptively uncomfortable couch. These are all legitimate reasons to yank the amalgamations of particle board, staples and pleather outside to beat the dust and the living sense out of furniture that is provided by benevolent landlords throughout the prefecture of Dongguan.

If permanence is not officially part of your lifestyle plan there is no qualifying excuse to buy new, but there are plenty of reasons to buy second hand. However, used furniture is only safe if you can shop around a bit. Read on, and enjoy the confidence of sufficient choice. By making a phone call, representatives will also visit a residence to make an offer on buying used furniture, taking it away the same day.

The Fallen Hero
Jiafu Furniture 家福家俬

This once promising member of the movement to make massive markets the mainstay of shoppers’ preference, was until 2004 called the Hongyuan second-hand goods market. It was the biggest of its kind in Dongguan with 400 shops. Now, the first floor of the sprawling building is a good place to shop for computer guts.

Left over from that time, the bus stop on Guantai Road still claims the right to the original name. And the second floor show room is still packed with used office, lounge and residential furnishings. The alley beside is home to used professional kitchenware as well.

Delivery: Yes, charged according to size—office desk RMB 20-30, bed RMB 40-50
Installation Charge: Yes
Carpentry Service: No
Address: Xinji Road section, Guantai Road, Nancheng (across the street from Dongguan Maria Maternity Hospital, above the Hongyuan Computer and Telecommunication City)
南城区莞太路新基路段 (东莞玛利亚妇产医院斜对面,宏远电脑通讯城楼上)
Phone: 2242 6489

The Lucky Catch
Woling Area 涡岭

Woling has long been a popular place to find cheap restaurants and rent within walking distance of the more expensive areas of Dongcheng. Scattered within the small alleys off of both main streets, there are a large handful of stores selling the left behind memories of expat derrière supporters.

They are all quite small and dark, but with an adventurous spirit and persistent searching there are some good finds, like a lightly used oven or a set of bar stools. Mostly the same pieces will be found. So if in need of mattresses, mahjong tables, office desks or night tables, this could be the spot.

Delivery: Yes, at no charge within 3 kilometers.
Installation charge: No
Carpentry service: No
Address: The alleys along Zhongyang Street, Woling Community, Dongcheng (across the street from Dongcheng Market to the right)
Phone: Mr. Cai 137 9490 3488;
Mr. Chen 132 6889 1208

The Half and Half
Yicheng Old Furniture 益诚旧货行

This spot, located halfway between Hongfu Road and Victory City Garden, can be hit or miss, but there are plenty of corners and aisles of more heavily used items. Sometimes what looks good from a distance reveals itself to be a coffee table with a beautiful cigarette butt inlayed design. Buyers might also be warned to watch out for water damage, because the market’s roof doesn’t hold its liquids too well.

If in a hurry to buy, this is a smart location because the other half of the road houses a new furniture market that is pretty affordable. So have a look at the used items, then cross the street if they don’t fulfill the need for that corner table.

Delivery: Yes, free of charge within a reasonable distance.
Installation charge: No
Carpentry service: No
Address: Alley 11, Xincun Road, Huolianshu Area, Dongcheng (the alley beside Huolianshu Fresh Market)
Phone: 132 0267 0759