Qingxi Town Guide


The most beautiful legend from Qingxi, which means clear stream, is about its fascinating environment. In ancient times, deer belonging to the god of longevity happened down to Earth. When they landed in Qingxi, its rich vegetation, the wild fruit on its trees, its green grass, streams and rivers tempted them to remain.

But when the deity discovered their disappearance, heavenly soldiers were sent to retrieve them. Now Qingxi, the town of deer, is without actual deer, but the legend lives on in its festivals. As Qingxi backs up to Yinping Mountain, the highest mountain in Dongguan, its name originated because of a stream flowing from the Yinping Mountain to cut across the town. Also, Qingxi has a rich and long Hakka cultural background. The Hakkas ethnic minority has inhabited the area for
800 years.


The town’s natural environment has won some honorable titles. It was the “Most Beautiful Town in China” in 2012, according to a campaign sponsored by Renmin Net, a national website. There have also been titles like “National Sanitary Town” and “Most Livable Town in China-2012.” Then, the Qingxi Forest Park was rated as the 4A scenic district.

Qingxi is a major Computer manufacturing base in China, and it has collected some international computer manufacturing enterprises such as Liteon, Suyin and Chicony. Qingxi’s GDP of RMB 19.9 billion in 2014 ranks it No. 10 among Dongguan towns. So it’s still considered as a relatively developed town.

What Can I Do?

Qingxi is rich with parks. Qingxi Forest Park takes up a third of the whole town. Covering an area of 50 sq. kilometers, it has been designated a 4A scenic spot and is one of the most famous parks in Dongguan. It is known as the “Kingdom of Plants” and a “Bird’s Heaven.” Here you can appreciate steep cliffs, giant rocks and beautiful foliage. One of the famous scenic views is the Huangmaotian Waterfall, which, at 370 meters, is the highest waterfall in Dongguan. Dawangshan Park has a 800-acre growth of ‘bird flowers.’

In March, Qingxi organizes activities to welcome tourists from all sides in appreciation of those flowers. Also, if you like to have fun in the water, you can go to Shanshui Tiandi Forest Park. This park has the Qishiye Reservoir and is good for fishing. It also built the Shanshui Tiandi Resort Hotel where tourists can spend a vacation walking around the lake and breathing in the mountain air. Entrance is free.

Qingxi has a rich and long Hakka minority culture. The Qingxi Hakka Qilin dance team once performed on the national stage winning a gold medal. When you visit Qingxi on the holidays, you might be greeted by some Qilin dancers to wish you fortune and health. Also, Hakka cuisine is a must try when visiting Qingxi. The locals tend to recommend the ’three Qingxi specialties,’ which are Hakka food, Guan Xiang Cha (a tea mixed with the leaves of the Dongguan incense tree) and Hakka Yellow Wine.

Qingxi’s central plaza is a busy place. The Jinyang Square provides citizens with a place for leisure. Nearby, Taiwan Walking Street, the first Taiwan-styled street in Dongguan, has attracted consumers searching for luxury since 2008. It is also a convenient and cozy place for Taiwanese people in Dongguan. Also, it is a good place for those who are fond of Taiwan cuisine as you might see many of them when wandering around inside.

Qingxi is a combination of the old and the new. It is famous for its preservation of the old watchtowers, which were used to defend villagers from enemies of the past. So far, Qingxi has preserved 53 watchtowers, and they have become a symbol of the old times. Qingxi Nanshan Village has seven watchtowers that are considered to be the most well-preserved. Beyond historic sites, Qingxi is also developing a modern way of life. The town built some golf clubs, such as the Yinli Foreign Investor Golf Club and Jingshan Golf Club, to become a social and business center.

Getting There

To arrive in Qingxi from downtown by car, go on the G-94 Pearl River Delta and Longlin Highways. If you want to arrive in Qingxi by bus, you need to first go to Dongguan Bus Station in Wanjiang District, then take bus 85, which will take you directly to Qingxi Bus Station in about 90 minutes.

Town Facts

Location: Southeast Dongguan
Area: 143 sq. kilometers
Population: 270,000
Journey Time: Around 90 minutes from Wanjiang (DG Bus Station)
Local Attractions: Qingxi Forest Park, Shanshui Tiandi Forest Park and Dawangshan Forest Park, Taiwan Walking Street, The Qingxi Agricultural and Ecological Garden, Qishiye Reservoir.