Nancheng District Guide

Looking out from behind the Nanchceng Exhibition Center, we see the Yulan Theater. Inside, the low lying architecture has two theaters, a 400 and 1,600-seater.

Looking out from behind the Nanchceng Exhibition Center, we see the Yulan Theater. Inside, the low lying architecture has two theaters, a 400 and 1,600-seater.


For Dongguan locals, the district of Nancheng is spelled CBD—a.k.a. Central Business District. It is complete with skyscrapers, shopping centers, business gatherings and, of course, the regular National champion basketball club—the Guangdong Hongyuan Southern Tigers.

Nancheng is a young district, just 14-years-old. Formerly called Huangcun Street, it has 17 communities under administration. Once a barren, empty place, it didn’t compare to the prosperity of Guancheng or Dongcheng. Before 2001, it was undeveloped with an abundance of farmland, and a visit there would be labeled as going out of town. But the unshaped status of a decade back left room for development.


After more than a decade, Nancheng has become one of the most competitive regions in Dongguan. The district focuses on a headquarters economy, modern service industry, high-tech and cultural industries. It was built to be a modern city window suitable for entrepreneurship, cozy for living and good for traveling.

Hongfu Road is very important. It traverses the government sector and passes many other famous buildings, such as First International, Central Fortune Plaza, Hilton Plaza, Manhattan Plaza and Fortune Plaza, collecting offices, shops and famous supermarkets. Since Nancheng set its developing strategy as a “headquarter economy,” top-level multinational, state-owned banks and enterprises, insurance and other financial institutions also set their headquarters here. With all these advantages, the Hongfu Business Zone takes lead across downtown for its economic influence. Nancheng is also one of the places in the city that collects most high tech enterprises, which will provide innovation support for the whole city.

Nancheng’s economy is very competitive across the whole city. Last year, its GDP reached a record high with taxes income ranking first. Meanwhile, Nancheng’s housing prices are among the highest in the city.

What Can I Do?

Dongguan’s determination to prove it isn’t a “cultural dessert” can be felt roaming the central city square. You will see famous public buildings scattered about. The Dongguan Exhibition Center, Library, the Yulan Theater, Youth Center and the Dongguan Science and Technology Museum are all located here. Residents have easy access to cultural and spiritual enjoyment. Nancheng has developed a creative cultural industry. The Comic City on Xiping’s No.3 Road is Dongguan’s largest retailer of comics, a good place to experience graphic storytelling. Every year, Comic City will hold a comic exhibition.

The Dongguan Sports Center is located nearby for their fitness requirements. It is also a popular concert venue, and Dongguan’s reputation for sports excellence is consolidated near there as well—it is the home of “The city of Basketball” after all. The Guangdong Hongyuan Tigers basketball club, located on Hongyuan Road, Nancheng, is the first professional basketball club in China. The team known as the Southern Tigers is one of the best-performing teams in the Chinese Basketball Association and a fan favorite.

Unlike other towns with their many factories, Nancheng can give people a metropolitan feeling when seeing so many skyscrapers. The Taiwan Building, or the Taiwan Businessmen Association Tower if you’re not into the whole brevity thing, is the highest building in the city at a height of 289 meters. Nancheng’s Fuming pedestrian street, at 1.2 kilometers long, is a great spot for happy people watching. First International is also a prosperous place. It is one of the giants of commercial property that have collected offices, shopping malls and entertainment facilities. Of course, some considered a little expensive.

Nancheng’s sightseeing spots are all about the green. Shuilianshan Forest Park, 8 kilometers away from downtown, is a peaceful place to see a pond and climb up to a mountain of 378 meters. And the Dongguan Botanical Garden displays a wide range of plants, good for scientific discovery in the world with the kiddies.

Getting There

Soon enough the cities first metro subway line will open, the R2 line. Until then, buses 6, 27, 20, C1, K4 and many others all pass through.

Town Facts

Location: Central Dongguan
Area: 59 sq. kilometers
Population: 250,000
Local Attraction: City Square, Yulan Theater, Dongguan Library, Taiwan Building, Comic City, Dongguan Shuilianshan Forest Park, Dongguan Botanical Garden