Saying Goodbye

0815_Here-playThe summer months are often a time for us to say goodbye. Families and friends often see the end of a school year as a time to move on to their next adventure, and the people and friends who have become like family to us in the Dongguan expat community are soon leaving us for far off places. But how can we give them a lasting memory of all the wonderful times together? Why not try making one of the handmade things below and show your friend how special they are!

0815_hereplay5Make a photo book / scrap book

Make a memory book of all your fun times together. You can make a scrap book by first selecting a theme that your friend may like. Chose the appropriate photos or pictures and magazine scraps and colors to match your theme. Use a blank book and decorate each page by placing different items on the pages. Try to put your favorite images in the center of the book where they will really stand out. You may need to try a few different layouts. When you are happy with your whole design you can secure into place by sticky taping everything down.


0815_hereplay2Make a friendship bracelet

Make your friend a friendship bracelet to remind them of you when they are away. You can chose lots of fun designs online and they show you the step by step process. If you are good at making intricate things there are even more complicated designs to learn, you could even incorporate your friends name into their bracelet. If you are not so patient, the easiest way to make a bracelet is with the recent trend of loom bands, that only take five minutes to learn.


0815_hereplay3Write a special letter

Write your friend a heartfelt letter to remind them of the fun times, include details of funny or special events. Remind your friend that no matter how far way they are you can still keep in touch.


0815_hereplay1Make an autograph book

Make your own autograph book by choosing a special notepad, get all your friends to sign and leave special messages in the book. A lovely keepsake for your friend.


0815_hereplay4Make a fun box /care package

Chose a suitable box, a shoe box is usually good, decorate it with your friends favorite things. Fill it with great memories, favorite items, things they might miss from Dongguan or even color coordinate with their favorite color.


Throw a goodbye party

Arrange a surprise party for your friend, think about a place that is special to them. Think about a theme they would like and try to find or make decorations to match. Don’t forget to invite other people your friend might want to say goodbye to. A farewell party is a good reminder of how many people care about us, a chance to reminisce about the happy times we have shared and an opportunity to make even more great memories together.