Dongcheng District Guide


From the olden times till now, Dongcheng’s Huangqi Moutain has been full of symbolism for Dongguan. “On the top of Huangqi Mountain, there will raise a lantern” is a famous saying in the local language, but they’re not referring to any manmade lantern. Actually, there is a giant banyan tree on top the Huangqi Mountain, when at night, the fireflies circle around the banyan, and people from faraway look upon the scene, they find a mystic lantern. Huanngqi Mountain is rated as No.1 among the eight major folk sceneries of Dongguan.

Back thirty years ago, Dongcheng was a sugar cane forest with a small street shorter than 500 meters. Now, Dongcheng has become a center clustered with five-star hotels, top-end offices, high-class residential and commercial buildings and shopping plazas.


In recent years, Dongcheng’s economy took the lead for the city, as well as its housing prices. Dongcheng’s comfortable environs and robust economy has attracted an abundance of service industries.

There are some major projects being built in Dongcheng such as the Dongguan Transcontinental E-Commerce Park, Lingnan Bonded Logistic Park, Zhongyun Intelligence Park and the Xiaqiao Postal Park. Those places are laying a solid foundation for the high-tech industries of Donghcheng.

Dongcheng invests heavily in industrial transformation. It has put RMB eight billion into setting up three industrial bases: Tongsha, Waijing and Shijiao. Famous enterprises such as Hsu Fu Chi, Wintek, Meadville Circuits, Snow Beer, China Everbright Group developed with steadfast temperament. Those brands have consolidated the business atmosphere of Dongcheng. In recent years, Dongcheng has actively promoted high-tech industries like high-end electronics, precision instruments, biological medicine and solar energy applications.

The third industry of Dongcheng is strong. The most prosperous business area of Dongcheng lies around Dongcheng Avenue, the surroundings contain New World Garden, the 13-Bowl Restaurant Street, International Bar Street, Century Plaza, Shibo Plaza and One Mall, as well as Dynacity. Dongcheng Avenue business area has formed a major business area area in Dongcheng. Dongcheng’s transportation is quite convenient. The Dongcheng East Bus Station is an important public transit station in Dongguan with hundreds of lines connecting Dongcheng to the whole city as well as other places. It has made life easier for lots of people.

What Can I Do?

Dongcheng’s Qifeng Mountain, at a height of 189 meter, attracts visitors from all sides. Qifeng Park, Tongsha Reservoir and Huying Park are close to each other. Visiting them is a trip to the green world. Liuhua Park is also a famous park in Dongcheng, but it is close to Shilong and faraway to the main business area. Liuhua Park has a tower which was built in the Ming Dynasty. It is a historic tourist attraction. This park has been listed as the provincial important tangible cultural assets.

Besides that, Dongcheng has lots of places for entertainment. The movie cinema in Wanda Plaza provides an enjoyable experience of IMAX. Wanda Plaza as well as Dynacity, Shibo Plaza and One Mall integrate retail, leisure, luxurious brands and catering into one fully functional complex, thus giving consumers a one stop experience.

Yonghuating Pedestrian Street is also a famous street in Dongcheng. It has a variety of establishments that sell goods and services to the public. Luxurious hotels like the Dongcheng International Hotel, Pullman Hotel and Tangla Dongguan Hotel are all fine examples of the Dongguan hotel industry.

It is not rare to see people of different nationalities in Dongcheng, especially on Bar Street, which is full of stylish restaurants, quality cuisine and a crazy nightlife. By ordering a glass of beer or other drinks, you can simply enjoy Dongguan’s night.

Getting There

You can take C1, 54 from Nancheng Bus Station directly to Dongcheng Bus Station.

Town Facts

Location: Central Dongguan
Area: 110 sq. kilometers
Population: 300,000
Local Attraction: Huangqi Moutain, Qifeng Mountain, Tongsha Reservoir, Yonghuating Pedestrian Street, Liuhua Park, Wanda Plaza