Poetry Edition


By Jodie Renée Frain

You disappeared as quickly as you stepped inside
You were always there we just never knew
Until the day came for you to leave
And like a bird you flew

Projecting your peculiarity was all love and play
You remained consistent until the end
An irrevocable fate; through tears
I watched you transcend

Remain in my heart, our home, like a cosmic plane
Beneath the earth you nourish the wildlife
For infinity your essence continues
Now into the afterlife



D. Iris

By F. Conar Bacci

Unplanned travel through your eyelash:
Your whisper is a past-far echo, vibration of cosmic strings,
Biochemistry of attraction, hormones rush,
Warm profile on my shoulder, cradle for aliferous dreams

Numinous hand still left on the chest,
Blessing my breath, deeply lost on your shape,
No way tonight for the spirit to rest.
Galaxies collapse in one room, too gravity to escape.

In a parallel Universe new dimensions to dare,
A shaded light from a wormhole rouses the curtain,
The uncertainty of the path does not scare,
Willingness to feel along the space-time again.




By Aled Harris

Ashes to ashes
Dust too
Dust that coats your lungs
The sighs of your heart can now be seen.



Final Wishes

By Michael Kelly

Beneath a forest of stone,
I can feel the cold seep, alone.
Above my charnel home,
He casts sepulchral decrees
Upon my sleeping bones.

I lit a fiery dream
Vignette memories of the sun;
Dissolved and free.
I was denied my reprieve.
Treated timber moored upon
A caustic reef.

Am I free enough?
Am I free enough now?
Am I still a treasure when my chest
Is hollowed out?
Am I free enough?
Am I free enough now?
I should have cried when I could.
Before the drought.