New Fragrance in Town

LADYBUG is a fragrance brand which presents itself as a “space scent supervisor” and targets its productions to carry-on luggage bags, living space and exquisite business space.

An official opening party was held in the middle of October with a unique “lab” theme—attendees all wore lab coats and were presented with DIY candle plates with chemical instruments to understand scents in a different way.

The brand was introduced in 2015 with only one creator known as Christine, the founder, who is fond of gardenia. While selling gardenia fragrance in her gallery, she received plenty of compliments, which inspired her to keep exploring and creating with her new-found team. Hence, we meet today’s LADYBUG.

So far, we can see rattan aroma, aromatic spray, aromatic candles, car aroma and aromatic oil—they mainly consist of six scents including gardenia, rose, peach, fig, citrus and sandalwood—priced from 58 to 368 RMB. Besides products for sale, LADYBUG also provides a “space fragrance customization” service, which stimulates people to remember the place through olfaction, thereby enhancing the brand. In the near future, perfumes will be released. Registration is now being accepted for DIY lessons including two candle plates costing 128 RMB (through WeChat ID: ladybug8866). Get your lab coat on!

Location: 306, 3rd floor, V Park, Dongcheng Road