Flash Fiction Edition

Only The One Time…
By John Lombard

“And that is where I found the knife, covered in the victim’s blood, with Mr. Drake’s fingerprints all over it,” testified Detective John Ritter. His case was so well stated, and the evidence so overwhelming, that it only took the jury 40 minutes to find Drake guilty of first-degree murder, and sentence him to life in prison. Drake, of course, protested his innocence…but all murderers do that.
20 years later, enjoying the benefits of retirement, Ritter was sitting on a tropical beach with a much younger-but-enamored lady. “In all your years as a police detective, did you ever break the law?” she asked, curious about her paramour’s past.

“Only once. There was this man, Simon Drake, who was accused of murder. I knew that he was innocent, but I deliberately planted evidence and controlled the case so that he got sent to prison for it.”

The woman was shocked. She had not expected this from Ritter, who seemed so strict in his principles and conduct. “But why did you do that?”

“Drake never knew this, but two years before, he hit and killed my niece while driving drunk. His lawyer was able to get him off on a technicality. I simply made sure that he got the punishment he deserved.”

“But what about the real murderer?” the woman asked.

“Oh, that was me.”

By Sasha

Dear Eric,
That is my last letter to you. Thank you for being nice and tender. You cared about me as noone ever did. From the first day, I knew you would be the best one. I will never forget your warm hands. Thank you for keeping me next to your heart. I felt special…

I hope I was useful, inspiring and always in good shape for you.

Unfortunately, I am running out of energy. Please, don’t try to refill me, It won’t be me.

Sincerely yours,

Miniso pen