GoFun Shared Car

Shared cars have followed in the steps of shared bikes by showing up around Dongguan if you haven’t noticed. So far, there are around 10 shared car brands in Dongguan, specializing their target clients accordingly in different areas. GoFun is one of them that mainly focuses on the market in Dongcheng and Nancheng.

To register, a few photos of a Chinese ID card and driving license will be required. How about foreigners? Well, based on the answer from GoFun’s customer service hotline (its headquarters in Beijing), a foreigner’s passport can be substituted for a Chinese ID card. However, will a foreign driving license suffice instead of a Chinese one? It depends on the verification in different cities.

Finally, 699 RMB deposit needs to be paid beforehand. Although, if you have more than 700 sesame credit points (which reveal your credit value based on your custom behavior through Alipay), you can use the service deposit-free. The registration will be complete after the verification, which takes a few hours.

Three photos before getting into the car and five after using it will be required to check the car’s condition.

The fee is calculated by distance plus duration, priced from 0.2-0.3 RMB/minute plus 0.8-1.2 RMB/km depending on the car type.

If you would like to try, there’s a parking spot in V Park, Dongcheng, and a new user can enjoy the special price of 1 RMB for 3 hours.

Go have fun!