Get Published HERE!: Submit Your Flash Fiction Now

There are many things in life which we could describe as short and sweet, leaving us with a brief moment of bliss. The few seconds we get to appreciate the cold side of the pillow, the whiff of coffee when passing by a quaint little café, the brief moment in which you exchange eye contact with someone attractive… Perhaps we often take these stints of pleasure for granted, while we instead focus on idealising the longer-lasting experiences.

Just like reading a good book, especially one that you really grow to love over some time, when it finally comes to an end you feel sad that you and your precious, handheld escapism-tool have parted ways. However, did you know that you can get the same kind of satisfaction from reading a shorter piece of literature?

Short stories, flash fiction, anecdotes, mini-sagas and fairy tales… All fleeting fictional pieces which allow us to dip in and out of reality, within a flash. Just how reading shorter stories can satisfy our thirst for verse, so can writing them too. You know that feeling you get when you finish writing a book? Yeah, me neither. But I have dreamt about it. You can imagine how incredible it feels to conclude it, right? Well, on a different scale of course, it’s the same kind of gratification when you finish writing a solid piece of flash fiction.

Why not get involved? Take the opportunity to give others the chance to delve into your passing fantasy, all at the hands of you, a dash of creativity, and just a flash of time.

Flash fiction is a chance to stretch your creative muscles without too much pressure. Any genre, any style, the only limit is the word count.

Try your hand at penning a story and appear in our flash fiction column next month!

Selected flash fiction submissions will be published in our April edition of HERE! via the “Well Read” column and online via social media platforms. The deadline is Monday March 18, 12 noon.

To participate:

  1. Choose any genre, any style, and write a short piece of fiction that will have readers hooked
  2. Give your piece a title and author (your name unless you wish to use an alias)
  3. Ensure that your text is no longer than 300 words
  4. Send in to editor@heredg.com by March 18 and await a response

We look forward to reading your entries!