The Next Level: Isle in The Sky

Isle in The Sky is a thrilling new addition, having taken things to another level. The bar spared no expense and it certainly shows, with a dual bar layout and breathtaking views.

Upon arrival, you can take the escalator or elevator to reach their third-floor location, but nothing prepares you for that view! You can see the skies of Dongguan complete with Qifeng’s lantern and the beautiful tops of the surrounding buildings, almost whisking you away to another world. Inside of the bar appears elegant, tasteful and classy; the first area of the venue is made to resemble a chillout lounge complete with its own bar counter, chic tables and comfortable sofas. A marvelous glass ceiling above that area allows for seeing the stars on a clear night, perfect for couples or anyone who enjoys the night sky. The other zone displays a karaoke bar with circular cocktail tables, a fully equipped stage, another beautiful bar counter and a projector for karaoke lyrics.

My personal favorite section was the outside bridge deck, where, before it links up with the rest of the complex, presents lounge sofas and tables with umbrellas. Perfect for relaxing outdoors on a sunny day or clear evening, the area features a staircase illuminated in violet, leading to the karaoke section.

The cocktails we tasted were very good and if you’re a whiskey lover then look no further, as they boast many kinds. First up was the “Lemon Head” (金菲士)—a revitalizing cocktail, all white with a gin base and zesty lemon, billed out at 48 RMB. What made the tasting experience rather intriguing was their signature ingredient, which I just couldn’t place. We tried a mocktail named “Tropical Kiss” (百香凤梨爽), priced at 38 RMB. I had never been a fan of cocktails without alcohol, until I tasted this particular one and found myself happy to have another one afterwards. But the best of the bunch has got to be the third one we tried— “The Spring Equinox”(春分), billed out at 78 RMB. Not only is the vodka base and smooth concoction invigorating, but also, with a dash of their elusive ingredient, resoundingly enticing.

Be sure to turn up armed with your WeChat, as the menu comes in the form of a QR code that you have to scan and pay accordingly. They have it all, they’re next-level and most importantly, a lot of fun.

Address: Shop #22, 3rd floor, Area B, Moon Bay Plaza