When Nature Calls: New Treehouse @ Batou

Imagine stepping through a circular beam of light, and entering a little shack of paradise. Having carved out their own place in Batou, Nelly and Avo of Treehouse #2 have crafted a unique spot to offer customers and guests an authentic al fresco experience. Last year, following the closing of the original Treehouse venue, the unstoppable team decided to build and create their very own bar, brick by brick, with the concept of “handmade” being at its core. “We make everything ourselves,” Nelly told me.

Sitting down in the cozy seating area, surrounded by dusky lamps made from bamboo, handmade wooden tables and a large range of cacti and other plants, I truly felt like I had escaped the clutches of Dongguan’s hustle and bustle, and entered a corner of somewhere exotic such as an island in Thailand. Natural incense awoke my senses, not to mention the aromas from the meat being sliced by hand at the carving station. Smoked for four hours over lychee wood, this is the kind of beef that will melt in your mouth and leave you wanting more. My colleague who accompanied me, Jone Zheng, impressively finished the whopping Treehouse Beef Bacon Burger, stating, “I think that was the best burger I have ever tasted.”

My first sip of a delicious passionfruit soda with rum was simply divine, perfect during this humid weather. Enjoy a creamy Pina Colada or Cuba Libre for just 40 RMB, or a classic Long Island Ice Tea for 50 RMB. Sit back and swig a craft beer for between 20 RMB and 48 RMB. Non-drinkers, there are plenty of options for you to choose from, including coffee, berry tea and the peculiar-sounding blueberry and coconut soda. Something I was particularly fond of, was the use of recyclable straws made from wheat straw.

Mushroom soup served in teacups, coffee cubes and refreshing sodas served in trendy Mason jars, you can’t help but smile at this quaint and charming experience. Nelly’s artwork adorns the place, while a piano sits to one side, waiting to be played. If there are no volunteers, don’t worry, as a nice selection of reggae, pop, rock and Chinese music will help you to relax and enjoy the vibe.

In order to minimize food wastage, reservations are required for Treehouse’s renowned BBQ. Customers can also make reservations for lunch, as the venue is open between 3 pm and 1:30 am every day, except for Mondays. As well as their monthly artisan market on selected Saturday afternoons, we can even look forward to exclusive events coming soon. Keep a lookout for an invite!

Address: Treehouse, No.192 Batou, Wangjiang