From Keyuan To The World

On May 13, Dongguan’s first tourist-themed post office—Keyuan Themed Post Office—was officially launched and created widespread attention. As an innovative crossover introduced by Keyuan Museum and Guancheng Branch Post Office, it’s the first one in Dongguan which associates culture and philately, in order to promote Keyuan and Dongguan traditional culture in an exclusive way.

Constructed by local Guancheng man Zhang Jingxiu in 1850, Keyuan is one of the four famous gardens in Guangdong and known as a magnum opus of Lingnan Gardens. As soon as you step inside this post office, Keyuan elements are effortless to spot in every corner.

Actually, Keyuan was first printed on stamps 20 years ago. Here, philatelic items like Keyuan architecture and scenery postcards, stamps and hand-drawn postcards are featured products. Besides those, there are various kinds of cultural and creative products like phone cases and more. Last but not least, the “slow-mail delivery” could help to send your customized postcard out between 2020 and 2031 according to the year you choose, by spending 10 RMB delivery fee. Isn’t this a great chance to send a message to your future-self, or surprise your family member, loved one or friend in a unique way?

Address: No.33, Yun He Xi Er Road, Guancheng