Expanding Flavors at The Brew Lab

It’s all about the brand. Yes, you walk into The Brew Lab expecting to find yet another fun or themed bar, as part of the explosive rise in local pubs and breweries around Dongguan and the greater Guangdong Province from over the last few years. I wrote about several of them in the past and enjoyed many of them thoroughly. Yet here we have something truly remarkable that sets itself apart from all the others—a brand with a clear message, long before its beer got sold online, and before its craft beer bar even opened.

We were given a little round wooden tray taster with six of their beers, available for 100 RMB to anyone who would want to experience the same and what I can only describe as an exquisite collection of flavors. The red cherry is already a firm and sultry sweet favourite among the young ladies who frequent the establishment. The cider was good, to be sure, yet I’m used to a more powerful flavor and more potent taste, but if you prefer a lighter one, then this will certainly be your drink of choice for the night. That said, you absolutely must try the honey beer! Out of the entire collection, I enjoyed that one the most. With a fruity aftertaste, this beer is certainly among the best in the house. I was also impressed with their stout—finally, we had a decent bitter one—with traces of coffee, being neither overbearing nor superfluous, but perfectly balanced.

Snacks are also provided and stylishly served with some proper thought put behind not only the appearance, but also the quality; don’t just expect your usual run-of-the-mill chicken pops. They even serve slices of ham on fruit, reminiscent of tapas and a lot more. The attention to detail is what really got me on the night we went. Even their tailor-made beer bottles have very specific quotes and viewpoints printed on them, geared towards conveying the deeper message behind the greater brand.

So, what is The Brew Lab all about then, you may ask? Jerry and his team created a glyph based on the Chinese characters [扩大] (which roughly translates to “expand” or “enlarge”) with the distinct idea that they want their brand to serve as an enlightening one. Together with the glyph, they came up with a brilliant little symbol of an unzipped eye.

So, go there and enjoy Einstein, A Maze, The Mousetrap or The Tortoise in the Lion’s Mouth. You’ll certainly see things from a new perspective. The Brew Lab is awesome.

Address: No. 107, Yu Jing Da Sha, Dongcheng