Updates for Pet Lovers in DG

While the Yulin dog meat “festival” was held again in June, we’ve decided to gather positive updates for you animal lovers out there. Dongguan is still a good place to own a pet and we hope it stays this way!

Four-Legs are Welcome
The Dong Sheng Road Starbucks became the first pet-friendly branch on May 25. Pet-friendly facilities were added to the benches of the outdoor area as a convenience for customers with animals. Two free drinks (Starbucks Puppuccino and Starbucks Zero-Shot Americano) are given to pets between 7 pm to 10 pm. Good things come in pairs—Starbucks’ Vanke Mall branch in Tangxia became pet-friendly on June 16. According to the staff from Starbucks, more branches are planning on doing the same.

A few bars and restaurants in Dongguan are starting to welcome pets at various levels. Hostaria, Alan’s World, Murray’s, Kuo Brewing Lab, CHEER Bar House, Ziggy’s and Brown Sugar Jar allow pets to enter freely; as for Destiny Coffee, 900° Barbecue, Mo Brew and Verano, they permit small pets to enter the indoor area while bigger pets need to stay in the outdoor area. Places like A-ONE, Uptown26, Big River Brewing Co., ThreeDrops, 5th Avenue, One For The Road and Tower Bridge ask that pets remain in the outdoor area. As for hotels in Dongguan, Aloft Dongguan Songshan Lake is pet friendly.

Laws for Paws are Happening
Dongguan’s dog management laws are in development and are expected to be enforced soon.The Dongguan government released the Dongguan Dog Management Regulations draft and plan to host a public hearing on July 10. The draft covers detailed regulations for different occasions and clarifies the responsibilities of various parties. For example, the dog owner is responsible for the dog’s registration within 30 days of ownership and the periodical vaccines. A dog collar and leash (shorter than 2 meters) is needed while walking your dog; as for large dogs, a muzzle is also required. Dog excrement should be cleaned up at once by the owner. Those under 18 years-old are not allowed to stay with dogs alone.

Some venues are not open to dogs (besides guide dogs) including public transportation, libraries, museums, cultural relics, protection units, etc. In addition, fines are listed and will be enforced for those who break the regulations. Those who do not register their dog will be fined from 200 to 1,000 RMB. If your dog is not vaccinated, you could be fined 500 to 1,000 RMB.

Fosters are Needed
Have you seen abandoned dogs or cats on the street, who are scared and mud-covered, with an empty stomach? A Brazilian lady named é Camila Foscarini is someone who witnessed homeless paws in need and began helping by finding them fosters.“Pet House,” opened by Camila in 2014, offers pet services like baths, haircuts, hotel and dental cleaning. It’s also a temporary home for abandoned pets. Camila is working with two Chinese partners and teamed up with veterinarian, Dr. Deng. Each animal in the lodge is checked by the vet and put on a waiting list for a foster. They are fed three times a day and have been vaccinated. They also go on walks every morning and night.

Anyone who finds a homeless dog or cat or would like to adopt one, can contact Camila at 1-355-971-6590. Opening hours are from 9 am to 6:30 pm from Monday to Saturday. They are only open on Sundays for hotel care. To encourage adopting instead of buying, Camila offers a discount on her grooming services to those who adopt abandoned animals from Pet House.